Vented Rear Marker Lights

A Little Something Different

Vented Rear Maker Lights

This novel little mod was pointed out to me by a friend. In theory, because itís hard to verify, the vents relieve back pressure that builds inside the rear bumper cover. Find a way to allow the flow of air through the bumper and there would be less drag at higher speeds. This is seen in more rudimentary fashion in racecars that simply have giant holes cut in the rear bumper. This approach is a little bit more subtle and easy on the eyes for a street car. Also itís a fairly easy task. I bought a spare set of lenses in case I screwed up my mint set of originals.

Time to Break out the Dremel

Step 1) Remove the reverse light assembly and clean the lens thoroughly
Step 2) I used a piece of paper to trace the outline of the existing reverse light shape. Using this template I traced the shape onto the other half of the rear marker light lens. Note that you canít place the opening too far to one side due to the mounting post on the backside.

Step 3) I then used a Dremel tool to roughly cut out the hole and then a small sanding drum to carefully clean up the opening being careful not to scratch the outside surface of the lens.

All ready for reassembly and prep for painting of the backside.

Step 4) With the hole cut next was to cut from cutter screen material the mesh inserts.
Step 5) Next paint the mesh inserts. I used a flat black
Step 6) Because the cut edges of the opening were ugly I painted these edges and the rear inside surfaces flat black as well. It is very important that the front is taped off well or else you will get black on the outside Ė not what you might want.

Oh! That's not good. A little epoxy is in order to fix that post.
Step 7) Then insert the mesh screens and with a small amount of epoxy, glue them in place.

Looking good so far.

Step 8) When itís all dry reinstall the reverse light lenses.
take a look at the inside of the bumper. Yuck...all now visible.

Step 9) Since you can now see inside the bumper, clean the inside area and dry it completely, mask off the opening in the bumper and spray the inside of the bumper the same flat black. Watch out for overspray!
Step 10) Then simply reinstall the new assembly.

Before and After.



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