This is a list generated by Chris Regan of what he typically brings to the track. Not all would apply but its a good place to start. Some items you may need to bring more of depending on the length of your trip or number of days at the track.
Must Have’s
Helmet (SA 95 or higher)
Proof of Insurance Card
Drivers License
Completed tech form (if there is one)
Registration confirmation
Driving shoes
Cash for Lunch and gas at the track if you need it, etc.
Keypad for PMC/Commander for PFC

Gas can(s) with extra gas.
2 1/2gal is a must, 5 gal if possible
Two stroke oil additive
Spare set of track brake pads
(plus street set)
Gallon of water/Gallon of Antifreeze
Two qts of motor oil
Pint (or 2) of unopened brake fluid
Fire extinguisher
Spare brake bleeders
Pair of spark plugs (10.5's and 9's)
set of OE lug nuts for spare tire
vacuum line/fuel line
extra set of belts
extra set of main radiator hoses
Tube of blue RTV
bag of misc. standard Mazda OE bolts/connectors/clips/etc.
Liquid Wrench
3 in 1 oil
Shift Light pins
Rubber gloves/Mechanix gloves
Electrical connector kit

Repair Items (In Hold-all)
Lock for bin
Zip ties
Misc. size hose clamps
Can of fix-a-flat
electrical tape
coat hanger
Jack stands
Floor jack w/wood block
Standard mechanics tool kit PLUS:
1/4" dr. angle head drive
1/4" dr. 4 inch extension
1/4" dr. socket bar-metric
1/4" dr. socket bar-std
Extra 10/12/14mm wrenches -stubby + reg.
1/4" box end wrench
(brake bleeders)
Two 9/16" wrenches
(for power bar)
3/8" dr. stubby extension
3/8" dr. 9/16" socket
trim removal tool
Big flat tip screwdriver/prybar
1/4" Dr. Breaker bar
2 Sockets for SSR lugnuts
Rubber mallet & hammer
Vice grips
Jar and clear hose
(for bleeding brakes)
Brake caliper 'S' hook hanger
Magnetic retrieval tool
Inspection tool
Brake caliper spreader
Tire pressure gauge
Mini Air compressor
Jumper cables
Wire termination crimpers/cutters
Hand cleaner
grease rags
Car towels
Windex & Paper towels
small funnel
Plain water in spray bottle
Mist-N-Wipe spray
Misc. Necessities
Spare key-in case you get locked out!
Hat for ‘noggin
Cooler with drinks and cold water
Snack bars/munchies
Extra dry shirt
extra dry socks
sweatshirt/lightweight jacket
Sheet of plastic
(cover stuff when raining and to lay on when under car)
Camera w/film
Video camera
(w/spare tape & charged battery)
Pen and paper
Digital watch (w/stopwatch)
FRM Radios for convoy
CD Music for the drive to the track
Laptop Computer-fully charged for datalogging (w/discs)

Chris's Set up:
(routine maintenance items not included - this is night before type stuff
Install camcorder mount w/strap
Install wideview rear view mirror
Track pads installed and bedded
Bleed (flush if necessay) brake fluid
Check coolant level - cold
set up harness fitment
check oil level
(drop level ½ qt if possible. NA if you have a dedicated catch-tank)
Pull A/C relay - keeps fans full on
check pwr. steering fluid
Install track wheels and tires
full tank of fuel
*remember to add two stroke oil when filling up
full spare can of fuel
(CAM2 if you can get it)
Check tire pressures
Adjust shocks
remove spare tire tools/chocks
remove misc. rear bin items
empty glove box
remove floor mats
remove divider panel
remove cargo cover


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