MazdaSpeed Bling

I have a soft spot for three aftermarket vendors Ė MazdaSpeed (itís OEM so how could you go wrong?), Re-Amemiya (THE rotary tuner), and Feed (I just love their stuff). So when I have the opportunity to pick up some MazdaSpeed trinkets Iíll typically bite.

Oil Filler Cap

MazdaSpeed Bling

As it turns out the nice chrome shiny 10 pounder of a rotary oil fill cap was simply too much of a good thing. It was massive! That and I couldnít turn it without tearing up the coupler on the intake piping so it had to go. Iíve always had a penchant for MazdaSpeed parts and very much liked the original rotor shaped MS oil fill cap. The problem is they have long since been out of production. However I was able to find one that still had a respectable looking MS insert Ėthe key element. Some magic with the aluminum and it looks brand new. A real classic and now very rare, piece!

This piece needed some serious TLC. But no worries!

Comparison with my old oil cap. A new home for the MazdaSpeed gem.

Rear Strut Bar

Interior shine...more MazdaSpeed goodness

And to be honest Iím not sure how I got in this kick but I ended up buying a MazdaSpeed rear strut tower bar off eBay Japan one evening and had it shipped over. Who can argue with genuine *numbered* MazdaSpeed parts. It was also in pretty nasty condition but it had potential and the price was decent for an uncommon part no longer being made. It needed quite a bit of polishing work and lots of persuasion to install due to my roll bar being in the way but eventually I got it fitted and it looks nice and adds a bit more character to a pretty bland black interior Since this rear bar uses the same mounting brackets everything fit as good as OEM.

Numbered parts. Gotta love it.

License Plate Frame

Too much? I think it looks nice and since most people don't even know what my car is these days, perhaps it will help.

A nice trinket to the rear end of the car Ė Stainless Steel MazdaSpeed license plate frame with a carbon fiber finish.



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