Interior Enhancements

FEED Weighted Shift Knob

A very nice improvement in shift feel.

Given my old Momo shift knob was not weighted and for some reason the chrome was flaking in some spots this was a nice upgrade. I can’t imagine why the chrome was flaking off as there was no impact or scratches…it just fell off in a couple of spots. The FEED (Fujita Engineering) shift knob is VERY nicely weighted and although I had a concern mating it to my short shifter I’ve found it to feel very good. That and the machined surface won’t degrade like the old generic Momo piece. Oh and apparently this one is quite rare.

Revolution Carbon Fiber Door Sills

Rare - The only set in the country

I love rarity. The OEM aluminum scuff plates were starting to look tired. And these surfaced FS and no-one seemed interested. Certainly not cheap but I’ve never seen another pair like it…anywhere. Plus the CF fits with the other CF parts on the car. Installation was the same as the OEM aluminum pieces.

Sake Bomb Garage Goodness - JDM Passenger Footrest

Finally! A footrest for the USDM left hand drive car.

Sake Bomb Garage continues to churn out unique and rare parts that the community has been waiting on for years. This RZ style footrest for left hand drive cars is outstanding. Since the only model equipped with the footrest was JDM only and was unidirectional us folks here stateside were out of luck if we wanted one four our left hand drive cars. So SBG flipped the pattern and made them for us here. A very high quality piece and a nice addition to the passengers riding along, especially when on track! And installation was a breeze….simply a few 10mm nuts and voila!

the footwell before footrest install...for the record.

More Sake Bomb Garage Goodness - Aluminum Passenger Interior Door Pull

The SBG door pull (Credit: SBG image)

Tired of having to tell you passengers NOT to pull on the door handle for fear they will rip it right off the door? Well here is your solution. ‘Nuff said. I followed the SBG instructions including how to strip off the old rubber grip and re-glue and apply to the bare aluminum door pull. Rather than destroy my mint condition OEM pull I actually bought a broken pull to re-use the rubber grip. It all fit likelike a glove and looks great. This is an outstanding product - expensive but worth every penny. No more worries and passengers can now actually use the handle. Hey, what a concept!

A tricky removal - easy to do but also easy to royally screw up the trim finish. I used a plastic trim removal tool.

Unbelieveable that my original door pull was unbroken. Maybe I wasn't scaring my passengers enough!

Panel off...and only broken one clip. The plastics are fragile so removing anything is a risk.

yup...looks just like an OEM pull. But you would rip the door outer skin off the door before this one would break. A little rework on the grip might be in order though

JDM Original Equipment Change Pocket what if it opens in the wrong direction.

I don't smoke. So looking for something a little more functional the JDM cars had the option of a change pocket instead of the ash tray. Nice. And it comes padded which provides great elbow support for your right arm.



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