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Steering wheel



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Steering Wheel Installation

Below are the results of the steering wheel installation. The wheel is a Sparco Ring model and the wheel adapter is the MazdaSpeed unit. This adapter allows one to defeat the airbag light, retain the clock-spring mechanism (thereby retaining cruise control if your car is equipped) and have a working horn. The cruise control pod bracket was fabricated out of a leftover piece of carbon fiber from another project. A hole was drilled in the Mazdaspeed hub to pass the cruise wiring to the pod. The rubber grommet that the cruise control connector passes through is from the stock steering wheel. 

This Sparco wheel is ideal for the cruise control since it has a flat area to mate with the cruise pod. 

I was going to write a more detailed description of this modification, but it's so simple using the Mazdaspeed adaptor that the pictures explain the entire project.


After using this wheel for nearly a year and a half, I've decided that is is simply too small in diameter to properly see the gauges, specifically the tach and speedo.  The Sparco wheel is 330 mm.  Even sitting in a racing seat mounted to the floor (about 2" lower) you cannot see the the 3K-6K RPM range.  Since I got the Miata I decided to buy a larger diameter Momo Motecarlo wheel (350mm). This wheel has the same flat area near the center and provides an identical fit for my cruise control pod bracket.  Swapping wheels revealed that the 350mm wheel is perfect for the RX-7 with absolutely no obstruction (unless you're really tall) and the 330mm wheel is perfect for the Miata due to the gauge cluster configuration. 


New MOMO wheel on RX-7

Unfortunately, Mazdaspeed no longer makes the adaptor for the RX-7.  After removing the steering wheel in the Miata, however, it occurred to me that the hub/clock spring, etc. look identical. Therefore, I'll provide details on mounting a standard Momo hub to the Miata which should be identical for the RX-7. The only caveat is that you will lose the airbag functionality  (as with any racing wheel), but you knew that ready.