13BREW Engine Rebuild - Parts List

Like a Jigsaw Puzzle...So Many Parts

A few of the parts used in my little "rebuild" project

With so many parts to keep track of I did my best to account for all the pieces. Because this was a rebuild that took nearly two years I do not profess that this is comprehensive but it should give you an idea of what went into my effort. I hope it can be of use to anyone looking for similar equipment. The list inludes the part, a more explicit description, the part number (if I could find it - I'd verify these if you wish to buy the same part - some of my reciepts were hard to decipher), the retail value of the part (remember I buy **USED** so chances are I paid considerably less and the shipping is not included), and a good source for a new part or information on the parts source.

Engine: Shortblock

New OEM apex seals (2 piece) [Mazda OEM pn N351-11-C00C 6x$49.05] MazdaComp
Atkins solid corner seals [pn ARE88 (set of 12) $72.00] (for individual pieces pn ARE2-11-321)
Engine (internals o-ring set) gasket set [Mazda OEM pn N3A1-10-S60A $191.65] MazdaComp
New OEM water seal (outer)
(4) 8341-11-343 O-RING large
New OEM gas seals (inner)
(4) 0820-11-341 O-RING small
New oil control ring seals (OEM)
New primary & secondary injector bung (insulator) seals kit
[Atkins pn ARE79 $145.00 new] Atkins
New rear main seal [Mazda OEM pn 1668-10-556A]
New side seal springs
(12) NF01-11-C17 Side seal spring
(12) N3Y1-11-C11 Side seal
New apex seal springs
(6) N326-11-C04A INNER apex seal spring
(6) N326-11C06C OUTER apex seal spring
New rear stationary gear o-ring [pn 0813-10-555A]
New Tension Bolt o-ring washers [pn 0839-10-455]
Competition oil control ring springs
Oil control ring springs (front outer)[Mazda OEM pn 4352-11-353] MazdaComp
Oil control ring springs (rear outer)[Mazda OEM pn 4352-11-363] MazdaComp
Oil Control ring spring (front inner)[Mazda OEM pn N225-11-351] MazdaComp
Oil control ring spring (rear inner)[Mazda OEM pn N225-11-361] MazdaComp
New Front cover main seal [Mazda OEM pn N3A1-10-507]
New corner seal springs [NF01-11-C24] $22.20 $1.85 ea. (x12)] MazdaComp
Ceramic painted irons [Ceramic high temp paint (red) $5.99 DH1608 (x2)]
New Front cover gasket (metal) [Mazda OEM pn N3A1-10-502 $14.90] MazdaComp
New front rotor spacer (E spec) [Mazda OEM NF01-11-D58 $8.20] MazdaComp
Atkins thermal pellet [pn ARE 50 Atkins $7.95 new]
New pilot bearing [Mazda OEM N326-11-D03 $7.65] Malloy
New pilot bearing seal [Mazda OEM 1881-11-404A $1.88] Malloy
New throw-out bearing [Mazda OEM N315-16-510 $54.00] Malloy
New exhaust studs [Mazda OEM pn 9YA9-21-002 $3.13 ea. (x4)] Malloy
New LIM studs [Mazda OEM pn 9985-10-825A $1.25 ea.(x4)] MazdaComp

Engine: Longblock and Transmission

New Throttle Body o-ring nitrile Buna-N rubber seal [$4.00 (for 2 o-rings shipped) (forum GB) [OEM pn N390-13-W69 $11.17 ea.] McMaster: 157 Buna-N, McMaster part# 9452K177 (pack of 25)
WP housing adapter fitting (str. AN -6 male to 3/8” NPT adapter) [pn 981666ERL $3.85]
Throttle body adapter fitting (90 deg male AN -6 male to 3/8” NPT adapter [pn 982266ERL $9.25]
-6 coolant WP housing to TB [-6 AN 90deg swivel (pn 809106ERL $16.49) to -6 AN str swivel (pn 800106ERL $6.01)]
-6 coolant TB to rear engine housing [AN-6 hose end to banjo 12mm x 1.5mm (pn Earls 807692ERL $18.29 +$9.37 ship) to -6 AN str swivel (pn 800106ERL $6.01)]
Ceramic Coated LIM (cerama-chromed) [$225.00 new] sporttuner.com
Metal LIM gasket (still had to original paper gasket!) [Mazda pn OEM N3A1-13-111]
UIM to LIM insulating gasket [$29.00 new] eBay [for upper & lower OEM pn N3A1-13-112 $6.55]
UIM to TB gasket [Mazda OEM N3A1-13-655 $10.10]
4 Gasket Set – external 2 exhaust manifold, LIM, and LIM to UIM [Mazda OEM pn 8DF7-13-111 $116.38] Malloy
Engine (externals - misc paper) engine gasket set [Mazda OEM pn 8DFH-10-271 $419.80] MazdaComp
New OEM oil pressure sensor [Mazda OEM N3A1-14-820 $83.06] Malloy
New Oil Filter [Atkins pn 361 1307-W $3.00] Atkins
Unorthodox PS pump under drive pulley [pn 010840802 $149.30 LR new] Unorthodox Racing
New PS/AC belt [“Drive-Rite” pn 5060410DR or 6PK1040 $26.00 new] Advance Auto
Radiator hose (upper) [Mazda OEM pn N3A1-15-186B $16.65] Malloy
New clutch fork assembly [Mazda OEM N315-16-520B $80.69] Malloy
Throwout bearing [Mazda OEM N315-16-510 $54.00] Malloy
Transmission cover plate (new –old was badly corroded/bent) [Mazda OEM pn N350-10-C85B $4.25 new] MazdaComp

Oil Pan and Motor Mounts

GZ Aluminum oil pan [$425, as purchased $250.00 used] Pineapple Racing
GZ oil pan internal baffle system w/BMW M3 trap doors [E30 M3 “non-return flap” OEM pn 11 13 1 309 428 (x4) $28.00] pelicanparts.com
New Oil pan O-ring [$11.00 new] Pineapple Racing
Moroso Oil pan stud kit [pn MOR-38366 $22.95 new] Summit Racing
Aluminum Oil filler neck [$107.00 GB new: retail $174.95] RESpeed
Aluminum Oil Filler Cap [$5.99 new] eBay
Oil Pan Motor Mount Bolts [M12x1.25x55 8.8 Zn 6x$1.68 (15.99)] AAA Metric Supply, Inc 303-892-9000
Steel (vs. aluminum) drivers side motor mount [$36.00 used for a pair (sold one for $40.00)]
Noltec Motor mounts [$257.00 new GB (turbo0x2)] Noltec Suspension

2 Stroke Oil System

2 Stroke OMP adapter w/1/8” NPT fitting [pn 23079 $88.00] Richard Sohn, 8029 HWY 1087, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433
SS OMP feed lines to oil injectors (custom shrink wrapped) [$105.00 new] Gotham Racing
New oil injectors [Mazda OEM pn N3A1-14-631]
Heat Shrink tubing [$2.99]

Fuel System: Fuel Pump Wiring

Engine Works fuel tank cover thru-panel electrical bulkhead connector (x2)[pn 16779 $27.00 new]
12VDC 5 pin relay socket [pn 330-075 $1.75 new] Parts Express
12VDC 40 AMP SPDT relay [pn 330-077 $1.79 new] Parts Express
40 Amp Blade fuse [Maxi pn MAX40BP $2.99] Pep Boys
Fuse Block (blade type) [Maxi pn 0MAB0001XP $7.49] Pep Boys
Ring terminals #12-#10 AWG (8-10 stud) [Buchanan pn 70010] Pep Boys
12ft 8AWG red/black power wire [$30.52 new] DcPwr.com

Fuel System: Dual Fuel Pumps & Fuel Tank Baffle Box cover

All new Earls fittings were purchased from anplumbing.com The prices below are all for new fittings. Most if not all the fittings I used were used and bought of eBay for significantly less.

Fuel tank baffle box surge tank cover (prototype) [forum GB price $159.00] Chris Heiser
Supra TT fuel pump [pn DENSO 195130-1020 (Toyota pn 23221-46110) $179.00 new] expressfuelpumps.com
Gates submersible fuel hose, 3/8” [pn H213 $21.22] NAPA
Fuel Pump hose to Y-splitter Brass Hose elbow adapter 45deg, for 3/8” hose ID, 3/8” NPT thread [pn 53525 K48 $6.66 (x2)] McMaster
Fuel injector line hose clamps
Aeroquip splitter ½” NPT outlet / two 3/8” NPT inlets [pn Aeroquip FCM2179 $32.04 (x1)] Baker Precision
90deg -10 bulkhead [pn 983310ERL $14.49 (x1)]
-10 bulkhead fitting nut [pn 992410ERL $2.19 ea. (x2)]
-10 Teflon washers [pn TF389ERL $2.00/ea. (x2)]

Fuel System: Fuel Lines and Filter

All the new Earls fittings I bought at anplumbing.com. The prices below are all for new fittings. Most if not all the reusable fittings I installed were used and bought of eBay for significantly less. Hint: use eBay to buy in bulk, for example I picked up a used Holley FPR, one -6 straight hose end fitting, eight -8 hose end fittings (various straights and 90’s), two -10 hose end fittings, and two tube nuts. All for $55 shipped. This lot, new, was valued at nearly $220.00. Or a lot of fourteen various -8 fittings and hose for $109 shipped. Consider the -8 hose ends run about $25.00 each that’s a savings of over $250.00. The fittings I didn’t use I will resell and more than likely make up the initial cost of the purchase!

-10 Braided SS fuel line [pn 400100ERL $7.99/ft]
-6 braided SS fuel line [pn 400060ERL $6.85/ft]
-10 fuel tank cover to fuel filter [-10 AN str swivel (pn 800110ERL $10.49) to -10 AN 90deg swivel (pn 809110ERL $23.49)]
System One Billet 11” Fuel Filter w/-10 fittings 30 micron 28gpm flow rate [pn 203-229410 $159.00, as bought $54.00 used] eBay
-10 fuel filter to distribution block [-10 AN 90deg swivel (pn 809110ERL $23.49) to -10 AN 90deg swivel (pn 809110ERL $23.49)]
Rubber cushioned steel loop strap 300 series SS, EPDM cushion for ¾” OD (bag of 20) [pn 3225 T26 $18.03] McMaster
Heater hose ¾” (for fuel line shield under car) [12’ @1.32/ft $15.84] Pep Boys
Block inlet adapter AN-10 to #8 o-ring fitting [pn 985009ERL $12.59]
Aluminum Y block #8 ports [$23.00 new] eBay
Block outlet adapter AN-6 to #8 o-ring fitting [pn 985068ERL $9.49/ea. (x2)]
-6 fuel distribution block to primary rail [-6 AN 60deg swivel (pn 804606ERL $16.49) to -6 AN str swivel (pn 800106ERL $6.01)]
-6 fuel distribution block to secondary rail [-6 AN str swivel (pn 800106ERL $6.01) to -6 AN banjo hose end [pn 807691ERL $18.92] w/12x1.25 Banjo Bolt [pn 997591ERL $6.33]
Fuel line thermal wrap/shielding [ThermoTecThermo-Sleeve 5/8"-1” x 3’ (pn 14010 $13.32)] speedzone24-7.com
Primary fuel rail inlet 90 deg male AN -6 to 3/8” NPT adapter [pn 982266ERL $9.25]
Primary fuel rail outlet 90 deg male AN -6 to 3/8” NPT adapter [pn 982266ERL $9.25]
Secondary fuel rail outlet str 3/8” NPT to AN-6 male adapter [pn 981666ERL $3.85]
-6 fuel primary rail to FPR [-6 AN str swivel (pn 800106ERL $6.01) to -6 AN 90deg swivel (pn 809106ERL $16.49)]
-6 fuel secondary rail to FPR [-6 AN 180deg swivel (pn 818006ERL $19.49) to -6 AN 180deg swivel (pn 818006ERL $19.49)]
FPR o-ring boss (ORB) -6 to AN-6 male adapter (x3)[pn 985006ERL $7.75/ea.]
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator (-6 ORB ports) [pn 13109 used] w/pressure gauge
-6 fuel FPR to return hard line [-6 AN 90deg swivel (pn 809106ERL $16.49) to -6 AN str swivel (pn 800106ERL $6.01)]
Hard line AN-6 to metric pipe adapter fitting (5/16” tube to male #6) [pn Earls 165056ERL $7.73]
Block outlet AN--4 male to 1/8” NPT adapter fitting (x1) [pn 981604ERL $1.75]
-4 fuel pressure sensor line [-4 AN 90deg non-adjustable tube hose end (pn 609134ERL $19.38)] to -4 AN straight adapter hose end (pn 600134ERL $10.86)](600004ERL) -4 teflon hose $3.45/ft
Fuel Pressure Sensor inlet AN--4 male to 1/8” NPT adapter fitting (x1) [pn 981604ERL $1.75]
Loctite PTFE/Anaerobic Pipe thread sealant for metal threads #565 1.69 oz. [pn 45855 K5 $14.42] McMaster

Fuel System: Injectors and Rails

Cleaned and flow tested injectors 850 primaries, 1300 (1450) secondaries [WitchHunter Performance 4 injectors total $68.00]
New fuel injector bung O-ring seals (from Mazda O-ring [internal] gasket set) or seal kit from Atkins [Atkins pn ARE79 $145.00 new]
Machined OEM primary fuel rail (for 850cc injectors) $80.00 used

Ignition Coil Relocation

Coil Relocation Bracket [$80.00 new, forum GB (Charlies7)]
New low mileage (>6k) coil pack (donated)
Custom cut-to-length Magnacor KV85 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires [Red Silicone Boots pn CB4 2x$3.78, Brass Terminal pn T3-L-Z 2x0.61 Total $13.44] Magnacor Ignitions Systems
Accel Ignition Wire Crimping Tool [pn ACC-170036 $69.90] Summit Racing
Spark plugs (NGK 10.5 heat range Racing Plugs) [$6.95 ea. (x4)]
HKS TwinPower ignition amplifier [$435.00 w/harness new (bought used for $325.00)] RX7store

Main Wiring Harness and Electrical

GM 3Bar map Sensor [ACDelco pn1604-0749: sensor ASM-MAP B $55.00 used] eBay
3Bar map sensor harness [$50.00 new] Banzai Racing
Wire loom retainer [$1.88]
Flex tube ½” 4ft [$2.98 (for wiring harness rewrap)]
Optima Battery – red top [pn 34/78 $169.99 new 06/16/2008]

Turbo Improvements

All new Earls fittings were purchased from anplumbing.com The prices below are all for new fittings. Most if not all the fittings I used were used and bought of eBay for significantly less.

Turbo thermal (1500degF) blanket (silver/chrome finish) [$125.00 forum GB new] Gotham Racing
New OEM exhaust manifold gasket [Mazda OEM pn N3A1-13-461] Malloy
New WG manifold studs and bolts [studs: 8.8gr 8x35mm #939 $1.79 ea. (x4)] [SS nuts #934 $0.25 (x8)] and 8.8gr 8x25mm #939 $0.89 ea. (x4) [NordLock washers SS $0.98] MDMetric.com
Lock Wire [$7.99] Harbor Freight
Flanges oil drain AN adapter fittings [pn ATP-FLA-019 -10 male flare for GT35R $29.00 ea. (x2), gaskets pn GRT-GSK-008 for GT series (x2) $3.00 ea.] ATP Turbo
Oil turbo drain line [-10 AN 30deg swivel (pn Aeroquip FCM4074 $35.92) to -10 AN str swivel (pn Aeroquip FCM1014 $13.13)] (Aeroquip -10 $8.40/ft) Baker Precision
Coolant line from WP housing to turbo [-8 AN 90 deg swivel (pn Aeroquip FCM4033 $24.13) to -8 AN 120deg swivel (pn Aeroquip FCM4043 $30.90] (Aeroquip -8 $7.60/ft) Baker Precision
Turbo Coolant fitting adapter AN-8 to 14mm x 1.5 AD (x2) [pn Earls 9919EFHERL $7.99 ea.]
Coolant line from turbo to WP housing [-8 AN 90 deg swivel (pn Aeroquip FCM4033 $24.13) to -8 AN str swivel (pn Aeroquip FCM1013 $9.72)] (Aeroquip -8 $7.60/ft) Baker Precision
Coolant line adapters for WP housing modification AN-8 to 14mm x 1.5 AD (x2) [pn Earls 9919EFHERL $7.99 ea.]
WG adapter fittings AN--4 to 10mm x 1.0 AD adapter fittings (x2) [pn 9919BFBERL $7.99/ea.]
WG vacuum line to UIM [-4 AN 90deg non-adjustable tube hose end (pn 609134ERL $19.38) to -4 AN 90deg non-adjustable tube hose end (pn 609134ERL $19.38)] (600004ERL) -4 teflon hose $3.45/ft
UIM AN--4 male to 1/8” NPT adapter fitting (x1) [pn 981604ERL $1.75] (used for manifold nipple mod) (x2)
WG sensor line to solenoid [-4 AN 120deg tube adjustable hose end (pn 612134ERL $27.18) to -4 AN 90deg non-adjustable tube hose end (pn 609134ERL $19.38)] (600004ERL) -4 teflon hose $3.45/ft
GReddy Boost solenoid/sensor AN adapter fitting 1/8” BSPT male to AN -4 (1/4”, 7/16x20, 37º male) [McMaster pn 4545 K162 $3.78 (+shipping $4.00)]


Accel Ignition Wire Crimping Tool [ACC-170036 $69.90 Summit Racing]
Rotary Engine Compression tester [Rotary Diagnostics $230.00 RDS]
Rotary Compression tester upgrade (ReCT-03a to ReCT-TRT) $180.00 10/10/07 Rotary Diagnostics
JEGS AN wrench set [055580558 $59.98 JEGS]
Pineapple Exhaust Porting Templates (Pineapple Racing) [pn EP2A Exhaust Port 13B-T/13BREW $35.00] [pn EP3A Exhaust Port 13BREW $35.00]
Pineapple Intake Porting Templates [pn PTS6MSP1 Medium Street port $35.00]Pineapple Racing

For more specifcs on the reconstruction of Princess go to the following pages:

Rebuild and porting of the 13B short-block to include port matching the intake side.

Custom baffled deep well aluminum oil pan.

Installation of dedicated 2 stroke oil feed system.

Replacement of all the fuel system lines with SS braided hose and AN fittings – tank to engine.

Installation of a dual fuel pump arrangement with fuel tank baffle box cover.

Replacement of all turbo hoses with SS braided hose and AN fittings.

Relocation of the ignition coil packs to the drivers’ side fender wall.

Simplification and rebuild of the engine wiring harness and removal of all un-used control solenoids.

Porting and polishing of the throttle body and removal of the double throttle control assembly.

Turbo “improvements” to fix lower grade hardware and potential trouble areas.

Installation of 3 Bar MAP sensor and tuning for higher boost applications.

And for review:
Rebuild Overview Part 1
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