13BREW Engine Rebuild - Labor

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Was it worth it?

I know I shouldn't have but I just couldn't resist figuring out how much time I spent on this latest round of work on "Princess." So here it is:

Engine Labor
Remove engine (16 hrs)
Install long-block (24 hrs)
Engine Build: (shortblock teardown – 2 hrs, cleaning - 24 hrs, measurement - 4 hrs, rebuild: rotors - 6 hrs, short-block - 6 hrs, long-block – 24 hrs)
All fresh low mileage parts > 8-13k miles
Street Port (using Pineapple medium port templates) (24 hrs)
Mild exhaust port (10 hrs)
Port matched LIM to block (4 hrs)
Ported and smoothed oil pump passages (2 hrs)
Oil modifications on e-shaft (2 hrs)

Pressure plate locator pins (1 hr)

Custom Made parts:
Custom cut-to-length Magnacor KV85 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires (2 hrs)
Dual Denso “supra” fuel pump mounting (20 hrs)
GZ oil pan internal baffle system w/BMW M3 trap doors (20 hrs)
Oil pan pickup tube extension (1 hr)
Machined oil pan to accept stock oil level sensor (2 hrs)
Relocated fuel pressure sensor (for dash gauge) (3 hrs)
Drilled and safety wired Turbo exhaust flange bolts & all WG flange bolted connections (6 hrs)
Custom cut copper WG flange gaskets (1 hr)
2 Stroke Oil reservoir mounting (3 hrs)
WP housing turbo coolant line AN adapter fitting modifications (2 hrs)

Ported and polished TB (15 hrs)
Removal of double throttle control butterflies and control mechanism (1 hr)
Main Engine Wiring Harness: removal of unused connectors and complete rewrap (15 hrs)
Rewrapped: coil harness, HKS TwinPower harness (3 hrs)
Twin fuel pump wiring w/8g wire, 40amp blade fuse, 40 amp relay, bulkhead sealed electrical connectors (12 hrs)
Coil relocation to fender wall (3 hrs)
AWS removal (1 hr)
Drilled and tapped for AN adapters: primary fuel rail, secondary fuel rail, TB coolant feed and return lines, WP housing to TB feed line, WP housing for turbo feed and return lines. (15 hrs)

Bracket Fabrication: (1-3 hrs per bracket = 20 hrs)
3Bar map sensor bracket
HKS TwinPower ignition box bracket
2 stroke oil tank bracket
Fuel filter bracket
Fuel distribution block mounting bracket
Fuel vapor reservoir relocation bracket
Fuel pressure sensor bracket
FPR bracket
EGR cover plate
ACV solenoid bracket
Double Throttle cover plate

Engine front cover (6 hrs)
Rotor Housings (4 hrs)
ABS pump shield (30min)
PAX side motor mount shield (15min)
AC aluminum hard lines (15min)
Airpump (3 hrs)
Alternator housing (16 hrs)
Fan relay bracket (15 min) [touchup]
WP filler neck (4 hrs)
WP housing (6 hrs)
WP (4 hrs)
Oil filler neck (2 hrs)
AC/PS pump bracket (4 hrs)
ACV solenoid bracket (30 min)
IC (2 hrs) [touchup]
IC piping (3 hrs) [touchup]
GReddy intake TB elbow (2 hrs) [touchup]
UIM (4hrs)[touchup]
TB (8 hrs)
AST (1 hr) [touchup]
AST mounting brackets (30 min)[touchup]
Throttle cable brackets (x2) (30min) [touchup]
BOV (1 hr) [touchup]
Air filter connector (1 hr) [touchup]
Compressor housing (1 hr) [touchup]
Engine Torque brace (1 hr) [touchup]
Oil filter pedestal (1 hr)
Oil sensor block (15 min)
Firewall wiring harness heat shield (30 min) [touchup]

Custom Fabricated braided SS Lines (30 minutes per line = 15hrs)
-10 fuel tank cover bulkhead to fuel filter
-10 fuel filter to distribution block
-6 fuel distribution block to primary rail
-6 fuel distribution block to secondary rail
-6 fuel primary rail to FPR
-6 fuel secondary rail to FPR
-6 fuel FPR to return hard line
-6 coolant WP housing to TB
-6 coolant TB to rear engine housing
-8 coolant from WP housing to turbo
-8 coolant from turbo to WP housing
-10 oil turbo drain line
-4 WG vacuum line to UIM
-4 WG sensor line to solenoid
-4 fuel pressure sensor line

And the TOTAL is: 340hrs....give or take a few minutes
Oh, and that doesn't count all the time I've spent writing all this stupid web content.

For more specifcs on the reconstruction of Princess go to the following pages:

Rebuild and porting of the 13B short-block to include port matching the intake side.
Custom baffled deep well aluminum oil pan.
Installation of dedicated 2 stroke oil feed system.
Replacement of all the fuel system lines with SS braided hose and AN fittings – tank to engine.
Installation of a dual fuel pump arrangement with fuel tank baffle box cover.
Replacement of all turbo hoses with SS braided hose and AN fittings.
Relocation of the ignition coil packs to the drivers’ side fender wall.
Simplification and rebuild of the engine wiring harness and removal of all un-used control solenoids.
Porting and polishing of the throttle body and removal of the double throttle control assembly.
Turbo “improvements” to fix lower grade hardware and potential trouble areas.
Installation of 3 Bar MAP sensor and tuning for higher boost applications.

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