Parts from "Rusty" and a Junkyard Donor Find a New Home

With the engine and differential installed it was time to focus on some of the many other small items to button up. It was at this point that the list of small things I was in need of became a LONG list of small things I was in need of in order to continue with RC and to get Rusty ready for re-sale. It was time to pay the local “U-Pick-It” junkyard a visit. On my list was the following: (things I needed in order to sell “Rusty” so I could transfer my *good* parts to RC) brake lines, clutch line, oil cooler lines, front strut assemblies, and rear shock assemblies, (things I needed to build “RC”) steering rack bracket - drivers side [I was missing one after reinstalling the PS rack into Rusty?], radiator temp sensor [busted on RC], heater engine bay hard pipe [to hook up heater core], accelerator cable [cut on RC], speedometer cable [missing], Logicon [for heat], Logicon/HVAC wiring harness [for heater setup], shifter boots [torn to shreds], defroster wiring [would like to have rear window defroster], a brake pedal [“ovaled” pivot hole], and some windshield defroster plastic ductwork. I was able to get all of the above out of the junkyard for $90 plus a few extras like a complete dash cluster, all the switches (headlights, wipers, cruise, etc.), idiot light dash top cluster (I dunno if the clock works or not though), a new fuel filter, clutch slave cylinder, clutch pedal assembly, washer fluid bottle (for Rusty), water temp sensor from filler neck, pressure sensor, and a handful of solenoids and check valves. Success.

A List a Mile Long
So next up is to swap out all the lines - oil cooler lines (see Part 6: HERE), brake lines (see Part 4: HERE), and clutch line - from Rusty to RC and install the good junkyard parts back into Rusty. Pull the Koni/GC front struts and GC camber plates and the Koni/GC rear shocks from Rusty and install into RC. For suspension setup go to Part 10: HERE) I've done this work so many times now I bet I could do it in my sleep. The problem with all this work is that EVERYTHING has to be done's like building TWO cars! With the Koni/GC suspension setup installed into RC I then finished up in the rear by installing the adjustable camber link and tightening up all the mounting hardware and filling the diff with fluid.


The rear camber link to adjust rear wheel camber.

Elongated brake pedal pivot hole.
Back to the front of the car. With the SS oil cooler lines installed, the Fluidyne radiator is dropped back into place (I removed it for the motor install) and coolant hoses reconnected as are the hoses to feed the heater core (including that junkyard hardpipe). The junkyard coolant temp sensor was installed and the missing steering rack bracket fitted. The brake pedal was replaced with a good piece with no "freeplay." The pivot hole had become so elongated that there was more than an inch of pedal movement before the brake master cylinder piston even moved! Scary.


Also an accelerator cable was installed, as was a speedometer cable - all these little things take time! Before reinstalling the oil filter plenum I hooked up the new fuel filter and ran new fuel hoses with new clamps to the motor. The oil pressure and temperature sensor plenum (see Part 9: HERE), was installed and the oil system is now considered complete. While the oil filter plenum was off I took the time to install the SS clutch line sourced from Rusty. It's MUCH easier to work on the clutch line with no oil filter in the way. Some other bits and pieces were re-installed like the battery tray and clutch fan and fan shroud. I’ll do an electric fan in the car someday but right now I just want to get it running. Before wrapping things up for this weekend I flushed and bled the brake and clutch system with DOT4 fluid (IN BOTH RUSTY AND RC!) and remounted a set of wheels so I could move RC when ready and to clear some more space in the garage. Much has been accomplished and I'm getting excited to see RC finally move under it's own power soon.
(1)SS oil lines, 
(2)new fuel filter, 
(3)new fuel lines and clamps, 
(4)brake system flush and bleed w/DOT4 brake fluid, 
(5)oil sensor plenum, 
(6)speedometer cable, 
(7)throttle cable, and 
(8)SS clutch line.


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